Blockchain Needs Quantum-Resistant Technology Says Renowned Cryptographer David Chaum - AIthority | The Marteq Alert |
David Chaum challenged the blockchain industry to focus on quantum-resistant blockchains and digital currencies: “We have no way of knowing how far along nation states are in developing quantum computers.  In the past, government entities have broken codes and possessed cryptographic capabilities for many years without anyone knowing.  The news that Google has achieved quantum supremacy strengthens my belief that quantum computing is coming and as a consequence, I believe we should all use approaches that are quantum-resistant.”

Chaum also shared details of his own new digital currency technology supported by the quantum-resistant blockchain, Praxxis which features a new approach to consensus.

The Praxxis protocol uses quantum-resistant signatures based on large random numbers while simultaneously overcoming the scalability, privacy, and security challenges faced by legacy blockchains.  The result is a useable  “purely peer-to-peer version of electronic cash” as Satoshi called for in the first few words of his whitepaper.  The protocol also addresses the consensus requirements for Chaum’s Elixxir project which protects user metadata.