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7 Vital Marketing Automation Workflows - MarketingProfs

7 Vital Marketing Automation Workflows - MarketingProfs | The MarTech Alert |
1. The Welcome Workflow

2. The Anonymous-User Workflow

3. The Feedback Workflow

4. The Cart Abandonment Workflow

5. The Re-Engagement Workflow

6. The Topic Workflow

7. The Lead Nurturing Workflow
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The biggie is obviously the last one, which can take you in so many directions.


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Why Customer Data Platform are Big Data and MarTech Gateways? - Analytics Insight

Why Customer Data Platform are Big Data and MarTech Gateways? - Analytics Insight | The MarTech Alert |
The data CDP in is analogous to a customer database, it encapsulates data merging, data aggregation utilizing standard connectors within the CDP. The solution brings the basic functions for diagnostics, backup and data monitoring for quality so that the best data pipelines are ensured within the CDP already during data integration.
An analytics CDP enriches the CDP’s internal customer database with customer segmentation information and customer profiles. Subsequently, an analytics CDP deploys this data to churn into information, partly with the help of artificial intelligence. This is done to perform selections and determine target groups for subsequent utilization.
Engagement CDP is the umbrella term for customer database, analysis/selection and campaign initiatives. Through standard connectors and identity matching, it creates the customer perspective necessary for targeted campaigns, produces segments to address customer positioning. These target groups then receive personalised offers in multi-channel campaigns. A campaign CDP focuses on adding value to the customer lifecycles.
CYDigital/marteq.ios insight:

Data has always been the weak aspect to MAPs. 


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