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Scaling ad revenue growth with first-party data expertise - ClickZ

Scaling ad revenue growth with first-party data expertise - ClickZ | The MarTech Alert |
  • With third-party cookies soon making their exit, many in the industry are working to get ahead of the potentially detrimental impact to ad revenue.
  • First-party data will be a publisher’s ticket to thriving in a post-cookie world, which is why deliberate steps must be taken to start taking ownership of said data.
  • Starting an email newsletter, diversifying subscription plans or launching a free membership model are easy ways to put a plan for first-party data expertise in motion, experimenting to see what delivers results.
CYDigital/marteq.ios insight:

As good as first party data is, zero party data is significantly better, and a failsafe way to accelerate digital marketing efforts.


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4 Overlooked Areas to Guide Your Marketing Technology Decision - CMSwire

4 Overlooked Areas to Guide Your Marketing Technology Decision - CMSwire | The MarTech Alert |
Assessing the efficiency and value of marketing technology means understanding how it will fundamentally change the nature of a marketer’s job, and in turn, help them transform customer relationships. Here are four critical, yet often overlooked areas to consider:

1. The Proximity of Data to Customer-Facing Engagement: As the business group closest to customers as they engage with the brand, marketers need tools that provide them with direct and immediate access to unified and actionable first-party data. In other words, they need their own 'single customer view' deliberately designed for marketing purposes.

2. Ability to Eliminate Inefficiencies and Dependencies to Increase Time-to-Market: Access to real-time, comprehensive and always-accurate customer data, when granted, unquestionably improves marketing performance.

3. The Time and Effort to Get From Insight to Action: Give marketers the data they need in the form and time in which they need it, so they can spend more time on the art and marrying the two together.

4. Increased Business Agility and Resilience: The year 2020 emphatically reminded company leaders everywhere of the unpredictability of the world and the difference it makes to have teams and tools that allow for flexibility and speed in response to market changes. 
CYDigital/marteq.ios insight:

The proximity of data to customer-facing engagement! And first party data is not nearly as effective as enhanced zero party data, where the consumer provides a complete digital story from all online activities! is the peak of personalization, based on the consumer's full digital story. Learn more: #martech #marketing

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