Web crawling vs. web scraping: Basic differences for top-level executives - IT Pro Portal | The Marteq Alert | Scoop.it
Web crawling can be seen as analogous to the creation of a map where “bots”, “spiders”, or “crawlers” scan, index and record all the websites, pages and sub-pages. This information is then stored and called upon whenever a user does a search. Examples of crawlers can be those used by Google (“Googlebot”), Bing (“Bingbot”) or Yahoo (“Slurp Bot”).

Web scrapers also crawl the internet like bots, however they have a definite purpose, which is to find specific information. The simplest definition of a web scraper could be a regular person that wants to buy a car, manually researching information and recording details of various listings in a spreadsheet. Web scraping tools operate in the same way using code or “scripts” to extract specific information from websites.