"Welcome to the brave new world of tokenization, where digital tokens issued on blockchains are used to represent asset ownership and to efficiently facilitate asset exchange. By leveraging blockchain infrastructure, this digitalized form of currency uses digital tokens to control and exchange ownership in an asset or something else with perceived value. In doing so, tokens support transparent, immutable and frictionless transactions – and that is unlocking new models for engagement between businesses and consumers.


Tokens are enabling new ways to purchase products and services, enhance customer experiences, and strengthen customer trust and brand loyalty, in addition to numerous value-driving business initiatives. While still in its early days of adoption, tokenization
is already reshaping commerce by enabling new ways to drive consumer behaviors to build trust and brand loyalty. Companies that ignore the potential of tokenization to transform business models and competitive landscapes may soon be leap-frogged
by bolder players who are harnessing tokenization to create competitive advantages.


How? By pursuing new opportunities to drive real business value for organizations across industries."