Before you rip and replace another martech tool, it may be time to build a roadmap - Marketing Land | The Marteq Alert |
A martech stack includes six functional areas: data gathering and storage, data quality, funnel management, process automation, reporting and analytics, and compliance. To be effective within these six areas, Ed King, CEO for the data orchestration platform Openprise, ascribes a maturity model for each, with five different levels of maturity — ranging from the “just getting started stage” where tools are implemented in an ad hock manner to level five where systems are well-oiled, integrated platforms designed to drive business outcomes.

In order gauge your maturity level for each of the six areas, martech teams must commit to an assessment — either internally or conducted by an outside consultancy — to discover where there are gaps in the technology stack and where tools overlap. According to a King, an effective assessment will help evaluate and justify new technology investments, as well as determine if existing martech contracts should be renewed.

“Once you have done an assessment — and picked the areas where you need to focus — the next thing is to start building your roadmap,” said King.