Facebook Ad Rates Fall as Coronavirus Undermines Spending - WSJ | The Marteq Alert | Scoop.it
Prices in Facebook’s ad auctions nonetheless plunged between February and March, according to executives at several companies that do business on the platform. The cost to put an ad in front of Facebook users 1,000 times in March dropped 15% to 20% from February, according to a recent analysis by one advertising holding company’s buying group.

The decline was 20% at 4C Insights Inc., a marketing technology company that helped brands manage $350 million in ad spending across major tech platforms including Facebook, Instagram and Twitter Inc. from January to March.

While prices were down, total ad spending on Facebook and Instagram through 4C was up 2% in March compared with February, Mr. Goldman added. Absent the pandemic, he said he would have expected month-to-month growth of at least 10%.

Facebook isn’t alone: The cost of 1,000 impressions fell 22% on Facebook sibling Instagram from February to March, Mr. Goldman said. YouTube, part of Alphabet Inc.’s Google, also saw a 15% to 20% drop in prices from February to March, according to the ad-holding buying group.