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How Gather is Democratizing the Internet With Decentralized Incentivization - Influencive

How Gather is Democratizing the Internet With Decentralized Incentivization - Influencive | The Marteq Alert |
Thanks to blockchain and distributed technology, it is now possible to financially reward viewers for visiting websites and using applications. By opting in to Gather’s hardware layer, visitors can loan their spare computing power whilst on the website/app. As the user spends time on the website/app, value is generated through the network’s application layer, with payouts in Bitcoin, GTH or local fiat currency.

The powerful effect of this tangible level of incentivization cannot be overstated. By simply visiting a website or using an app, opting-in, and reading or viewing content, the reader is compensated with money. Not points. Not e-books. Cold, hard (digital) cash. It gets better. The more time you spend relaxing and reading your favorite Gather-compatible websites, the more money you make.
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Add to this your own loyalty program using your own digital rewards system. It's a powerful value prop.


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The ultimate brand guide to helping consumers achieve data harmony - ClickZ

The ultimate brand guide to helping consumers achieve data harmony - ClickZ | The Marteq Alert |
Currently, consumers feel duped or intentionally kept in the dark by companies who use their data: 89% of US consumers think companies are deliberately vague about how the “data for benefit” exchange really works, according to 2019 findings from Wunderman Thompson Data.

Consumers are clamoring for agency over how their info used—and part of that agency includes an assessment of their data’s worth. This is spurring a new value exchange—one that operates with data as the primary currency.

As the data economy develops, brands will need to give consumers a clear and fair appraisal of their info.
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It's an easy proposition: give consumers control over their data, then bid on accessing their data. There's a market ready to be exploited while preserving data privacy.


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Building Customers Rewards Program With Blockchain - FinExtra

Now blockchain and mobile wallets are disrupting the way companies do rewards. Blockchain is cutting out 3rd parties and giving full control directly to businesses. Blockchain is a new technology that is creating decentralized and encrypted programs. It is much faster, much more secure, and transparent; everything that the current rewards system needs. Blockchain also has brought us smart contracts which, in simple form are encrypted digital contracts.

Why Blockchain is perfect for the rewards industry.

Secure. Blockchain is more secure than any previous technology. With the use of smart contracts and blockchain; customers data is protected like never before.
Fast. Blockchain, if implemented correctly cuts transaction times down to mere seconds, allowing for more accurate reward programs.
Efficient. Reward programs have billions of transactions and very large amounts of data that needs to be stored. Blockchain brings efficiency unlike anything we’ve seen before and this means huge cost savings.
CYDigital/'s insight:

It's an excellent use case, although we believe secondary to the huge advantages provided by blockchain in the realm of advertising. Learn why blockchain is the next step for MarTech and AdTech. Read the white paper:

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