Can the publishing industry’s future grow with first-party data? - AdNews | The Marteq Alert |
Many publishers have an audience strategy but continue to rely heavily on third-party cookies, which will continue to be disrupted by external forces, such as Intelligent Tracking Prevention (ITP), browser privacy updates and new privacy regulations (e.g. GDPR or CCPA). As third-party cookies disappear from the digital ecosystem, publishers need robust first-party data strategies to maintain a competitive market position. There is a clear necessity for attention to be shifted towards a first-party data strategy. Coupled with this shift, is the requirement for publishers to adopt a strategy focused on growing its first-party cookie loyalty base by adapting content strategies to suit the need of a “brand lover” rather than a casual reader (meaning reducing reliance on common industry metrics like monthly active users). This control over data allows for a reorientation and alignment in business strategy and cross functionality of teams.