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How Privacy Professionals Can Comply with Cookie Consent? - CPO Magazine

How Privacy Professionals Can Comply with Cookie Consent? - CPO Magazine | The Marteq Alert |

Privacy professionals need to make sure that their cookie notice includes the following in order to stay compliant with privacy regulations:


  • Explain the purpose of the installation of cookies that the site uses, briefly
  • State action which will signify consent
  • Be sufficiently conspicuous
  • Notify consumers on cookie purpose, usage, and related third-party activity.


First-party cookies are essential for every website as they allow businesses to remember key pieces of information about users and to collect analytical data. Third-party cookies allow publishers to monetize their websites, and brands to run advertising and marketing campaigns, making it essential for Adtech organizations. In order to make this process of consent collection smooth, organizations need to integrate a consent management platform.

Consent management is a process which allows websites to meet global regulatory requirements regarding consent collection. With a consent management platform (CMP) in place, websites can harness the technical capability to inform visitors about the types of data they’ll collect and ask for their consent for specific data-processing purposes.

CYDigital/'s insight:

Although GDPR-specific, the need for a CMP is critically important regardless of country.


The Marteq application includes a CMP as a core part of its offering: without it, permissions could not be managed or maintained.


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Policy Management: Choosing the Right Data Privacy Software, Part 1 - JD Supra

Policy Management: Choosing the Right Data Privacy Software, Part 1 - JD Supra | The Marteq Alert |
What capabilities should you search for?
A good Policy Management software solution will, first of all, provide multiple and up-to-date supporting document templates to allow your staff to create what’s required for a data privacy program. 

Employee understanding of policies and procedures is essential, but information overload can be a major roadblock to employee adoption of compliant behaviors. One way to ensure your employees get the information they need to remain compliant is to target the right segments of your workforce with only the information that’s appropriate to each of them, in the right language.

Your ability to assess and optimize your compliance program should be streamlined, too; the right solution should allow you to track attestations within your program, and make any changes required to improve compliance.

Furthermore, having the ability to automate reporting to enable early risk assessments and responses will reduce the number and cost of regulatory non-compliance incidents.

Ease of use is practically paramount, so both administrators and employees alike are able to work with the solution with minimal (or even no) training. This is important because most employees have difficulty with data privacy and cybersecurity issues; 75% of respondents in one survey struggled to understand any best practices in these areas, marking them at the “novice” or “risk” level.
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Parts 2 and 3 can be found here:  and delivers zero party data solutions that significantly reduce digital advertising costs. Learn more: #martech #marketing #adtech

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