How to Scale a Successful Pilot Project - HBR | The Marteq Alert |
But there is an alternative path that leaders can take once they have achieved a successful pilot: As part of scaling the solution, create the conditions that allow individuals and teams to adapt the solution to their unique circumstances and make it their own. Doing so requires encouraging collaboration, behavior-change, and innovation.

More specifically: Rather than telling them exactly what to do, challenge a few front-line teams that represent stakeholders in the system to make highly ambitious progress on key outcomes that you expect the solution to contribute to, in an unreasonably short time frame — 100 days or less. Give the teams some guidance about the extent to which they can modify what came out of the pilot, but otherwise let them loose and see what they can do to generate solutions that they own. As you do this, use the power of peer competition to spark even more innovation. Finally, capture the learnings from each of these 100-day “success experiments” so that teams in the next wave of implementation can start with an even richer menu of possibilities.