How AI in Marketing leads to Enhanced Branding - MarTech Cube | The Marteq Alert |
One of the most talked-about products of AI in marketing is a reliable insight into the buyer’s personas. These financial representations of buyers or customers help businesses make well-informed marketing decisions.

A case study discovered that a website constructed on its buyer personas resulted in a 900% increase in visit duration and a 171% increase in marketing-generated revenue. AI simulation and modeling techniques draw a clear picture of the psychology and purchasing behavior of buyers.

This year, in 2020, AI and ML are expected to bring context and relevance to every marketing brief. The use of AI and ML has enabled businesses to enhance brand positioning, deliver strategic and targeted communication, apart from improving the consumer experience. More importantly, AI has allowed brands to become more relevant to consumers by getting a peek into their requirements and delivering upon it Demandbase Research with Salesforce Pardot Shows that 85% of Marketers Using AI Believe It Will Drive Double-Digit Revenue Growth Within Two Years