The Two Types Of Attention Marketers Must Know - Forbes | The Marteq Alert |
The impetus for paying attention to something comes from one of two places: inside us or outside of us. Neuroscientists call these endogenous and exogenous, respectively. Marketers must know how to work with these two forms of attention.

Endogenous attention is what you use when you shop with a grocery list in hand. Your guiding goal is to find the items on the list. In this case, what you pay attention to is directed internally (the endo in endogenous means “coming from within”). This is endogenous attention.

Now imagine you’re going to the mall to kill time and browse around. In this case, you don’t have an internal goal. Instead, the things you pay attention to are generally directed externally (Exo in exogenous means ‘coming from outside’), by whatever catches your eye. This is exogenous attention, the primary form of attention marketers must optimize.