Gartner : Survey Reveals 66% of Marketers Now Have a Centralized Marketing Organizational Structure | MarketScreener | The Marteq Alert |
Despite years of mounting pressure within many marketing organizations between centralizing or decentralizing resources, a rapidly growing number of marketing leaders now prefer the centralized approach, according to Gartner, Inc. In fact, the Gartner Marketing Organization Survey 2020 of over 400 marketing leaders shows that nearly two-thirds of marketing teams are either fully or primarily centralized.

Resources that may have been decentralized to regions or other organizational entities are also being consolidated and centralized. This is consistent with findings from the CMO Spend Survey 2020 that show 79% of CMOs are no longer looking to new products and services, but rather existing markets to fuel future growth during the COVID-19 pandemic.

This reallocation of resources is contributing to fully centralized models where all marketing staff operate as a centralized entity or primarily centralized models where most marketing staff are centralized with limited staff distributed to regions or business units. Gartner research also shows that marketing organizations with a marketing operations leader are more likely to have a fully centralized structure (35%) versus those without a marketing operations leader (23%).