How Marketers Can Prepare for a Cookieless Future - MarTech Series | The Marteq Alert |
his creates a new challenge for advertisers, who must find a new and privacy-centric solution to the third party cookie, which also allows them to target consumers effectively. However, one of these solutions is easy to implement, and it focuses on live intent combined with advanced on-page entity analysis – a rocket-fuelled form of contextual targeting, if you will.

This relies on targeting consumers in the ‘live intent’ stage – the exact moment that they have searched for something that has brought them to a publisher’s page. Live intent overlaid with deciphering the meaning of the page allows advertisers to more accurately understand the reason behind a person viewing a particular page and what they could be looking at to help them serve the most relevant ad in that moment. This kind of contextual targeting is an efficient and effective means to reach consumers, with data from Integral Ad Science showing that 80% of UK consumers like to see ads that match the content they are viewing, with 70% more likely to remember a contextually relevant ad. What’s more this solution is privacy-first and does not rely on any storage of data, identifiers or tracking across the web.