The Marketing Funnel is Dead and the Flywheel Has Arrived - New Breed | The Marteq Alert |
The flywheel highlighted a major flaw with the funnel: the prioritization of marketing and sales above serving your customer base. With an increased emphasis on buyer and customer-centric business practices, it was easy for marketers to attempt to abandon the funnel visualization, which literally illustrates customers being dropped out of the bottom with no further attention given. 

While the flywheel is more than just a buzzword — it is an ideology that should guide your company’s growth — it’s also not the end-all, be-all for marketing strategies. While the flywheel is here to stay, the funnel isn’t going away. 

The two models work in conjunction with each other. While the funnel is critical for measuring how you're attracting new business to your company; the flywheel is the overarching methodology that shows how those individuals experience your company.