Rethink experience curation not personalization - ClickZ | The Marteq Alert |
  1. Marketers might believe that implementing personalization will result in every customer having a unique experience, and that they will actually realize that their experience differs from the experiences of others.
  2. Many attempts at personalization often simply segment audiences into a small number of cohorts and then push different content or offers to each cohort.
  3. While it’s fine to segment customers and align content and offers accordingly, marketers must take the next step: create satisfactory experiences for the customer through a process of curation.
  4. The process of Experience Curation starts with a few core principles:
  • Customers are more than the provided or inferred demographic, sociographic, and psychographic data associated with them.
  • Customers’ needs and wants change across time and situations.
  • Experiences can and should be more than just targeted offers and relevant content.