How Blockchain has Impacted Relationship Marketing | MarTech Advisor | The Marteq Alert |

"Data centralization is core to digital marketing driven by data and analytics. The vulnerabilities of this data can be removed by the decentralized, and distributed ledger technology Blockchain. The security risks are taken care of by this technology, which also increases the transparency and traceability of the data.


Apart from the security of the data, there are concerns related to the overall cost of analysis, storage and retrieval of data. As you need to offer something in return for the data available to the intermediaries such as Google and Facebook, you end up spending a lot of money. The ROI is negligible against the spending in certain cases, specifically from these channels.


However, with Blockchain you can get your hands on the data without considering these middle channels. You own your personal data, and the scope for manipulation of this data reduces tremendously. 


As a marketer, you reduce the spend but, you also empower the consumer with a choice on sharing the data. The consumer gets the veto on the data that can be shared, and the ones that should be private. It works as a win-win situation for both, and eventually you get to score trust with the customers.