Don't ignore data compliance when adding 3rd party marketing tools - MarTech Today | The Marteq Alert |
Data management has been an ongoing issue for marketing and customer experience teams for some time. Last November, Forrester reported less than 40% of the customer data executives it surveyed knew where their company’s data was even stored. The primary issue? Inadequate data management processes — only 5.6% of Forrester’s survey respondents scored a “4” or higher on a scale of 1 to 5 when measuring the company’s data management maturity level.

“Do you know where your customer data is going? If you were to map all of the interactions on your website, do you actually know which third-parties are interacting with the user data on your website when it’s rendered in the browser?” asked Wallace. “As an organization, you are actually responsible and liable for non-compliance, even if it’s one of the third-party components that you’re utilizing, in terms of CCPA and GDPR.”

Data compliance goes beyond simply enforcing CCPA regulation measures — things like allowing website visitors the ability to opt-out of their data being sold to third-parties or the right to request a business delete their personal information. True compliance includes having a handle on your data management practices, from how you store and implement data internally to knowing what data you are sharing with third-party tools.