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Content Marketing Without Cookies - MarTech Cube

Content Marketing Without Cookies - MarTech Cube | The Marteq Alert |
Many top content marketing firms are already moving away from third-party cookies in response to increasing regulations and browsers restricting cookie data access. For instance, the data connectivity platform, LiveRamp, has developed what they call Authenticated Traffic Solution (ATS). It’s based on various brands’ first-party data.

A content marketing executive from UM Australia points out that the structure of digital marketing agencies is changing as well in response to the need to find new ways to gather and use target audience data.

One change of this nature involves more client interaction. In some instances, clients are now embedded in media and marketing teams. What this does is allow them to be more hands-on with data acquisition and analysis.
CYDigital/'s insight:

There's a much better trade-up from cookies and third party data: extended zero party data, which is more inclusive and less expensive.


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How can content marketing get closer to accountable results? - MarTech Cube

How can content marketing get closer to accountable results? - MarTech Cube | The Marteq Alert |
1st step – tracking mechanism: You need to be able to install an effective tracking mechanism. At the most basic level, installing something such as Google Analytics will let you view performance across your site. 
2nd step – tracking links: Next is implementing tracking links within the URLs of your social media campaigns. These coded URLs will help in measuring social-originated conversions and indirect conversions.
3d step – measuring the interaction between the visitor and your content: The reality is that each visitor can interact with your content in their own unique way. That is why behavior flow tracking is needed.

4th step – attribution tracking: Google Analytics has rolled out attribution tracking. Their solution now gives companies the ability to get a little bit more insight into the programs that contributed to the conversion.
CYDigital/'s insight:

Much of this falls apart with the 4th step: attribution tracking. If you want to learn more about the subject, I strongly recommend reviewing


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