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Predictions: 14 digital marketing predictions for 2021 - CMO Australia

Predictions: 14 digital marketing predictions for 2021 - CMO Australia | The Marteq Alert |
Cheetah Digital VP go-to-market APAC, Billy Loizou questions if the industry got it wrong, with trust at an all-time low and consumer data security issues at an all-time high following data breaches and new regulations. He imagines a world where the consumer owns their data and has a single brand view, where they can store all the different data points brands have about them in one place.

SlickText CRO, Brian Wilson, sees this leading to permission-based campaigns becoming more normalised throughout all marketing channels. “You know customers actually want those notifications and touchpoints because they opt in for them, creating a greater marketing ROI while connecting you with your core audience, says Wilson. 
CYDigital/'s insight:

Giving ownership over to your consumers, then asking their permission to use it in exchange for a digital reward, maximizes trust and transparency, and leads to a deeper consumer engagement.


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Customer Engagement and Return on Loyalty - The Wise Marketer

Customer Engagement and Return on Loyalty - The Wise Marketer | The Marteq Alert |

What are the characteristics of an effective customer engagement-increasing initiative? They include:

  • Dialogue. Participation by all parties, emphasising flexibility, interactivity. The Domino’s ‘Pizza Turnaround’, an active listening and testing initiative to improve their product and experience used social & direct feedback channels. It helped take Domino’s stock price from $9 to $160 between 2009 and 2016.6
  • Facilitation, not instruction. Effective marketing programs avoid leading, and instead facilitate participation, involving consumers in creating and carrying out the initiative. Sephora’s Beauty Insider encourages customers to work with beauty advisers on their ‘look’.
  • Authenticity. The program must be genuine and not simply a ploy to sell products. Patagonia encourages direct customer to customer experience sharing, Decathlon offers a second-hand marketplace for customers to recycle products, at a real cost to their own sales.
  • Relevance. Information which is useful or pertinent to the decision-making process. Trip Advisor popularised the rating and comments of peer travellers, heightening the relevance of their service.


And look for individuals who have;

  • High interest in new experience-seeking.
  • Are looking for meaningfulness in an organization’s program(s).
  • Believe the program is psychologically safe, they will not be made to look foolish.
  • Are psychologically available to your program, have an interest in what you have to say.
CYDigital/'s insight:

So how do you find these individuals? By collecting data directly from them in exchange for a digital reward.


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