What It Looks Like When Customers Control Their Data - CMSwire | The Marteq Alert | Scoop.it
The long-term picture is clear. It’s time to move away from cookies and toward personalized interactions with customers who willingly make the choice to share their data in exchange for a valuable service. Businesses need to be transparent with consumers about how their data is being collected, and how it is going to be used.

“Transparency and accountability are key to building consumer confidence. The pillars of good data governance [are] based on principles of individual’s rights to and for their own data, and corporate responsibility to maintain ethical and responsible data principles for security, privacy, transparency, control, accountability, integrity, innovation and social impact,” said Dana Simberkoff, chief risk, privacy and information security officer at AvePoint Inc.

For businesses, they will once again need to build direct relationships with customers that enable them to gather valuable first-party data. For customers, they’ll have the choice to opt in to personalized services, subscriptions, mobile coupons and access to premium content through the use of privacy-first methodologies and interactions with a business.