How Privacy Professionals Can Comply with Cookie Consent? - CPO Magazine | The Marteq Alert |

Privacy professionals need to make sure that their cookie notice includes the following in order to stay compliant with privacy regulations:


  • Explain the purpose of the installation of cookies that the site uses, briefly
  • State action which will signify consent
  • Be sufficiently conspicuous
  • Notify consumers on cookie purpose, usage, and related third-party activity.


First-party cookies are essential for every website as they allow businesses to remember key pieces of information about users and to collect analytical data. Third-party cookies allow publishers to monetize their websites, and brands to run advertising and marketing campaigns, making it essential for Adtech organizations. In order to make this process of consent collection smooth, organizations need to integrate a consent management platform.

Consent management is a process which allows websites to meet global regulatory requirements regarding consent collection. With a consent management platform (CMP) in place, websites can harness the technical capability to inform visitors about the types of data they’ll collect and ask for their consent for specific data-processing purposes.