Council Post: Receiving Blockchain: What Marketers Should Expect In The Revolution | The Marteq Alert |
Perhaps only middlemen care so much for themselves. Although online payment systems like PayPal and Venmo have cut out the drag of transferring money via banks with fewer clicks, they’ve only replaced other middlemen. With blockchain, middlemen are bypassed with the trust of a nearly invulnerable system. Marketers will reach consumers willing to accept ads with micropayments and coin systems that act like coupons. Not only does this incentivize consumers to spend more, it builds brand loyalty.

Social media advertising is cost-effective when a budget plan aligns with the bidding systems of big platforms like Google and Facebook, but return on investment (ROI) conversions are still somewhat difficult to assess. Unlocking the engagement recipe for platforms marred with privacy scandals and fake news has become somewhat of a stained course of action. Blockchain can create direct pathways from marketers to verifiable consumers.