Toyota Systems experimenting with blockchain, digital currencies - Ledger Insights | The Marteq Alert |
Today Toyota Systems, a wholly-owned IT subsidiary of Toyota Motors, said it is experimenting with blockchain and a white-labeled digital currency solution from Decurret.  

Initially, the experiments involve automating payments with the branded digital currency to its 2,500 staff. The payments are for welfare benefits, which employees can then exchange for welfare points or gifts from a catalog created explicitly for the digital currency trial. The company was keen to emphasize the currency cannot be exchanged for Yen. 

The aim is to test the scalability and business challenges for payments to a significant number of people. But the end game is not to use it for welfare payments. It’s part of a longer-term vision of how mobility might evolve. 

After the employee payments trial, it’s envisaged that the branded digital currency may next be used within its supply chain and for business-to-business transactions.