Breaking Down Trump's WeChat and TikTok Ban: What to Expect - CPO Magazine | The Marteq Alert |
While the US government could potentially use one of several legal orders to require Google and Apple to implement the TikTok ban via their app stores (as was done in India), it is unlikely that it can be kept out of the hands of people determined to use it.

The move would rely on Apple and Google complying with the order and not waging a legal battle against it; precedent indicates that both companies might very well choose to fight it. Even if they do not, it seems very unlikely that they would engage in aggressive action to remove the app from devices that have already installed it (an estimated 80 million active users in the US) or block access on a device-by-device basis. New users could still access it in a variety of ways: sideloading, using VPNs located outside of the U.S. or using an Android emulator on a PC are just a few possibilities. Policing use of the app beyond having it removed from app stores appears to be an impossible task. The only result that seems certain is that TikTok’s U.S. headquarters would have to shut down, putting an estimated 1,000 people out of work.