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SEO Trends for Marketers in 2021

SEO Trends for Marketers in 2021 | The Marteq Alert |

A few trends will influence marketers’ SEO strategies. For one, Google will use site usability as a major ranking factor in 2021. Secondly, new consumer shopping behaviors, including curbside pickup and online ordering, now requires brands to provide services like product ratings and nutritional information. Third, policing online misinformation will heat up even more in 2021, which means brands must establish themselves as authorities in their fields in order to avoid increased scrutiny. 

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Site usability is huge, and requires a bit of effort. See


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Three Ways Marketers Apply Automation for SEO - MarTech Cube

Three Ways Marketers Apply Automation for SEO - MarTech Cube | The Marteq Alert |
SEO nowadays is all data driven, therefore there is no single strategy that works, SEO experts often rely on all of the above to save valuable time: web scraping, keyword research, and monitoring results can be easier with the help of SEO tools and bots.

CYDigital/'s insight:

Most likely your outside or in-house provider are using such tools. But if not...


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