MTA is dead: Why marketers should adopt an agile marketing strategies - ClickZ | The Marteq Alert |
Now, with new privacy regulations hitting marketers — including the GDPR in the European Union and the CCPA Stateside, whereby consumers can “opt-out” —  as well as the latest versions of Chrome, Firefox, and Safari all blocking cookies and preventing fingerprinting, the precise tracking needed to deem MTA effective has serious chinks in its armor.
Opportunities abound for marketing teams who draw from the agile methodologies used by successful technology companies to chart successful paths forward by using agile processes & analytics providing advantages in speed, lower risks and improved measurement and intelligence.
When agile marketing efforts are put into place, both speed and flexibility are key. Knowing that getting to market first is a major advantage, agile marketing teams focus on the core offerings allowing them to get to market fastest, with fast and frequent campaign testing.