Can Facebook's Libra 2.0 Live Up To Its Promise? | Hacker Noon | The Marteq Alert |
Libra version 2.0 will welcome a new form of ≋LBR Coins which will accommodate other currencies looking to join its ecosystem. For now, they have only mentioned variations for the US Dollar (≋USD), European Euro (≋EUR) and British Pounds (≋GBP). Libra will certainly increase cooperation with other regulators and central banks as more countries join in.
For places where there is no stable currency, the standard Libra Token will fill the void to increase financial inclusion. The standard ≋LBR will be a composite of multi-currency Libra formed by single-currency stablecoins. The exact composition and share of the every single-currency stablecoin will be determined by nominal weights, such as ≋USD 0.50, ≋EUR 0.18, ≋GBP 0.11, and so on.