Instagram gives users new control over personalized ads using third-party data   | Ad Age | The Marteq Alert |

"Instagram is rolling out a new control that lets users opt out of personalized ads from its advertising partners—and could force marketers to change their approach to the platform.


The settings, called “Data from Partners,” will prompt users to choose whether the Facebook-owned social media platform can use data from partners to serve up more targeted ads. The technology is why ads for exercise gadgets appear after browsing websites related to back pain, for instance, or why ads for noise-canceling headphones seem to follow users around even on different platforms—long after an initial visit.


Users will see a one-time notification inside the app that prompts them to keep or change their settings. Instagram says opting out will not change the volume of advertisements, and the setting will roll out to all users globally throughout the week. The choices will also reflect changes a user may have previously made on Facebook through its Ad Preferences settings."