Tim Berners-Lee attracts NHS, BBC, NatWest to Inrupt's Solid platform - CNBC | The Marteq Alert | Scoop.it
Tim Berners-Lee, the English computer scientist best known as the inventor of the world wide web, has revealed that his latest start-up has launched a privacy platform for enterprises. The U.K.’s National Health Service, the BBC, NatWest Bank and the Flanders Government are among its early adopters.

Inrupt, founded by Berners-Lee and CEO John Bruce in 2018, is aiming to develop technology that gives people control of their data, allowing them to choose where their data is stored and who has access to it.

The start-up announced Monday that it had launched an enterprise version of its Solid platform. Built with scientists at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Solid allows users to create Personal Online Data Stores, or Pods, that they can then share with third party-apps if they wish.