Firefox Daylight for Android arrives with Enhanced Tracking Protection, new UI, and GeckoView - VentureBeat | The Marteq Alert |
After more than a year of development, Mozilla today launched Firefox 79 for Android, branded Firefox Daylight. Like Firefox 57 Quantum, Firefox Daylight gets its own name as it marks “a new beginning for our Android browser.” The new version is “an entirely overhauled, faster, and more convenient product.” Firefox Daylight includes Enhanced Tracking Protection on by default, a new user interface, Mozilla’s own mobile browser engine GeckoView, and a slew of new features. Mozilla is rolling out the new Firefox for Android globally, starting in Germany, France, and the U.K. today and in North America from August 27.

Firefox 69 arrived in September with Enhanced Tracking Protection turned on by default and cryptomining blocked by default. Firefox 70 followed in October with cross-site tracking cookies from sites like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn blocked under the Standard setting, and Firefox 72 arrived in January with fingerprinting blocked by default. All told, Firefox now blocks 10 billion third-party tracking cookies, cryptominers, and fingerprinters per day. Now Firefox Daylight is turning on Enhanced Tracking Protection by default on Android. Ad trackers are blocked in the Standard mode right out of the box, but users can customize their privacy settings further using the Strict or Custom options.

Speaking of privacy, Firefox Daylight has an improved Private Mode based on the privacy browser Firefox Focus. Private Mode is now accessible from the Firefox home screen, and users can create private browsing shortcuts on their Android home screen. This largely makes Firefox Focus redundant, though Zare confirmed to VentureBeat that Mozilla has no plans to kill off the privacy browser.