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According to Josh Blacksmith, Kimberly-Clark's senior director of global consumer relationships and engagement: "If you earn a consumer's trust, you earn the right to actually be seen in an inbox as opposed to being one of a million messages to just get excused as spam. The first place is definitely getting our first-party data house in order." 

Speaking at Advertising Week in October, Blacksmith detailed how Kimberly-Clark is expanding its approach to promotions past traditional economic incentives, such as coupons, to spotlight deeper brand values like utility, community and exclusivity. To make those connections with consumers, the marketer is striving to lessen its dependence on paid media to drive engagement, while leveraging more owned and shared media experiences to accomplish those goals.

Just as a chapter closes on third-party data, other tactics could see opportunities start to emerge. An important factor for marketers in the CPG space and elsewhere is to not wait for a single, comprehensive replacement to something as ubiquitous as cookies, experts said.

Kimberly-Clark is exploring several areas more closely, including second-party data relationships with publishers and leveraging those in tandem with audience-based targeting, according to Blacksmith. The marketer is also ramping up investments in personalization, he said, while trying to steer clear of pitfalls like leaning in too far on one-to-one marketing, which has previously disappointed CPGs.