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Marketing leaders must coordinate with developers and IT teams to manage their website’s ecosystem, while ensuring frontline teams can make content updates and build pages. Layered on top of these considerations are a plethora of new technical requirements:

We need to connect our website with an ever-growing array of tools and technologies, via integrations, plugins, and custom development.
We need to use roles, permissions, and content partitioning to create clean workspaces for our teams as they become more specialized.
We need to ensure that site performance does not degrade as more visitors and more content expand our website’s footprint.
We need to personalize a rich end-to-end online experience for all of our website visitors, with capabilities like membership logins for customers, contextual content for leads, and ungated content for customers.
We need to be confident in our website’s security, incorporating functionality like SSO, SSL, and custom configured CDN to keep our business’s and our customers’ data safe.