Enterprise vs. Consumer Adoption of BSV | Paul Rajchgod | The Marteq Alert | Scoop.it
What is this great debate? It is ‘enterprise vs. consumer adoption’ of BSV. Which will be the driving force? Is one more important than the other?
It doesn’t take many scratches at the surface to see that like so many things in life, this too is nuanced. If you look at many of the enterprises, apps, wallets, projects, etc. building and working on the BSV blockchain today, one business you might think of as consumer-facing is actually, at heart, for enterprises, and another enterprise platform is ultimately designed for consumers.

Let’s talk about TonicPow, the peer-to-peer digital advertising system that uses the BSV blockchain. Individuals can earn Bitcoin for promoting products and services they like to their social media followers, and businesses use TonicPow’s tools to create flexible, incentive-based ad campaigns. In all cases, Bitcoin micro-transactions sit in the middle, so as TonicPow usage grows, so will consumer and enterprise adoption.