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Introducing Amazon Marketing Cloud (beta) - Amazon

Introducing Amazon Marketing Cloud (beta) - Amazon | The Marteq Alert |
Amazon Marketing Cloud is a secure, privacy-safe, and dedicated cloud-based environment in which advertisers can easily perform analytics across multiple, pseudonymized data sets to generate aggregated reports. Inputs can include an advertiser’s own data sets, as well as their Amazon Advertising campaign events, such as impressions, clicks, and conversions. AMC reports can help with campaign measurement, audience refinement, supply optimization, and more, enabling advertisers to make more informed decisions about their cross-channel marketing investments.

How advertisers are using Amazon Marketing Cloud today:

-Reaching incremental audiences

-Developing custom attribution models

-Exploring new measurement opportunities
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Tread carefully walking into the den.


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Amazon will pay you to know what you bought somewhere else – RetailWire

Amazon will pay you to know what you bought somewhere else – RetailWire | The Marteq Alert | wants greater insights into what its customers are purchasing and it is willing to pay for the information.

The e-tailing and technology giant has launched Amazon Shopper Panel, an invitation-only program that allows participants to earn monthly rewards by sharing receipts of purchases made outside of its website and retail stores.

Participants in the program are asked to upload photos of 10 eligible receipts per month taken with the Shopper Panel app. Alternatively, they can forward email receipts to Amazon. Additional rewards are available when participants fill out short surveys. Amazon customers can earn up to $10 a month that can be applied to their balance on the site or donated to charity.
CYDigital/'s insight:

If you doubt B2C companies are unwilling to pay for the consumer's data, see Amazon. And if you doubt consumers will be unwilling to provide their data, see this program as well as all the supporting research.


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New Optimizely and Amazon Personalize Integration - MarTech Series

New Optimizely and Amazon Personalize Integration - MarTech Series | The Marteq Alert |
Optimizely, the leader in progressive delivery and experimentation, announced the launch of Optimizely for Amazon Personalize, a machine learning (ML) service from Amazon Web Services (AWS) that makes it easy for companies to create personalized recommendations for their customers at every digital touchpoint. The new integration will enable customers to use experimentation to determine the most effective machine learning algorithms to drive greater customer engagement and revenue.

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First announcement...


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