Why You Need to Have a 360-Degree View of Your Customers - New Breed Marketing | The Marteq Alert | Scoop.it
There are four components of a customer 360: account vitals, financial health and history, usage health and engagement. 

1. Account vitals

Account vitals include information like the name of the account, how much they pay you, who the sales owner for the account was, who’s the current account owner, what products the account uses, what industry the account is in and what types of customers the account serves.

2. Financial health and history

3. Usage health

What “usage” refers to will depend on your product or service, but it generally measures a customer’s consumption, outcomes and/or value realization. 

4. Engagement

Engagement is all of the customer-vendor interactions, such as marketing communications, sales conversations, customer success interactions and support engagements.